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A revolutionary dropshipping and fulfilment system in the Philippines that allows aspiring online business owners to start their business more efficiently without mistakes, trial & error by utilizing the dropshipping business model in the Philippines. See less

Dropx Offers a full dropshipping service via cash on delivery. This means that we eliminate all the stress of business operating costs while offering you the best of services you can think of. Anyone can sell and dropship in the Philippines from anywhere in the world as long as they are Filipino.

DropX will pave the way for companies and manufacturers to get a better venue to showcase their products, broaden its reach from local to nationwide in just a couple of clicks.

DropX users on the other hand take advantage of this technology that allows them to sell a wide variety of products including those that require an on-demand or immediate delivery, anytime, anywhere.

The DropX platform also features other functions that allow the user to connect to another e-commerce platform available in the Philippines to leverage a much wider audience and sales.

First in the Philippines: Our State-of-the-art technology is connected to all Byaheros Express branches in the Philippines with warehouses & ready to deploy couriers, this makes us the first company in the country to allow business owners of perishable products such as milk tea, ice creams, pizzas, etc. to drop ship their products, hence; eliminating any boundaries that limits any products to be sold due to time & geographical restrictions.

At DropX, companies or suppliers have an advantage through our partner platform that allows them to monitor their supplies inventory, set the availability or adjust volume quantity to let DropX users know how much can they still grab to sell.

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